Teo Expert – three healing ingredients

The complex of 3 healing herbs – nettle, birch and pine – has been specially developed to cope with the 5 following symptoms of dandruff:

  • white flakes
  • dry or oily scalp
  • itching
  • incarnation
  • burning

In addition to removing dandruff, the three herbs make the hair beautiful – soft, shiny and vibrant.

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For radiant and dandruff-free hair

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Nettle`s healing powers have a well-known reputation from centuries. The vitamins, minerals and organic acids found in young nettle are real treasure. They not only rejuvenate and revitalize the hair, but also stimulate its growth. If well used, it may be very beneficial for hair. In addition to its active ingredients that fight dandruff, nettle helps prevent oily scalp alongside hair loss. Hair looks soft, nurtured and radiant.
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The look and feel of
healthy and vivid hair

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White pine stimulates hair growth and is used to address scalp problems such as dandruff, seborrhea and hair loss. It is highly recommended for sensitive and irritated (inflamed) scalp skin, mainly thanks to its revitalizing powers. Strengthens and thickens the hair, while preventing unnecessary greasing. Gently cleanses the hair and gives a sense of freshness and vitality.
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Soothes the itchy scalp, leaving
the hair soft and shiny

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Birch soothes the unpleasant itching and reduces scaling on the scalp. It regulates sebaceous gland secretions, thus preventing secretion and recurrence of dandruff. It also promotes hair growth, strengthening the scalp. Birch is been reported to have antimicrobial and energizing effect. The birch extract goes well with nettle, as birch saponins open the pores of the scalp and increase the absorption of the minerals contained in the nettle.